3 thoughts on “John Massey at Jessie’s Law

  1. I will be researching data to show that this huge debate is not that easy…
    I think Jessie’s Law would be a great addition to our country to help regulate medical boards,
    repeat offenders, consent forms, etc.

    • And there is another aspect – not that the obvious constitutional and civil rights issues shouldn’t be enough, that we have only begun to address here. The data clearly points to the fact that the big insurance companies have been lieing to the American public (and their representatives at both state and federal levels) for some four decades. Their claims that malpractice rates for doctors would drop following malpractice tort reform were disproved after their first big victory with MICRA in California. Malpractice insurance rates only came down later when a seperate insurance initiative was passed. And as for their claims that failure to pass tort reform would result in doctors leaving the states and, of course, have a negative impact on the quality of health care in those states, a study by the American College Of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), as reported in Public Citizen, concluded that EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE is true! In fact, states without oppressive tort reform tend to have a larger population of ER doctors AND provide better ER patient care, while states with restrictive tort reform (cap limits, etc) have lost ER doctors and generally score more poorly on quality of ER patient care!

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