NaPoWriMo 2013 #17: What the Heartless Received for His Birthday

the words are just for you and to you so it must be personally all about you

The Tatterdemalion

in a piece of vellum with moderate sleekness and shade,
shade of yellow, to be precise, are words printed with ink
ink of words and life addressed to me, just to me. words of farewells
farewells and good-byes, and things she will leave
leave to me, just to me, to prattle with, to think of.
of course, they are not mine to hold for eternity,
eternity that forever will last.

“To you my dear, first I leave this withered fan
for with it, may you blow away any unkindness
the nasty wind might bring to your way soon.”

“To you my dear, second I leave this silver pendant
for with it, may you always remember the silver sheen
of my smile, and the light that shall always be your guide.”

“To you my dear, third I leave this seed of Baby’s Breath
for with it, may you propagate your garden…

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