Like Shattered Glass…

…Autopsy of a human soul


Sunday, Nov. 14, 2004  6:56pm    

subject: Anger that Burns


Take a flying fucking leap

unless you’ve lost a child do not speak!!!

These are the words I don’t want to hear

they say it’s toughest in the first year

No Pain! No Gain!

Fuck you!  Again.

I can only imagine…


When you imagine you can stop it!!!

Look what you have

you must move on…

Listen Asshole!!!

My daughter is gone!!!



2 thoughts on “Like Shattered Glass…

  1. 2 weeks after the first anniversary of my daughters death. I had just begun therapy and I was in the worst pain of my life. Nothing had ever hurt as bad than living without Jessie. I just did not want to hear it! I realize now that they were just trying to help.

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