Nursing Home Administrator Charged With Cover Up After Losing Resident

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A stunning lack of human decency and compassion was evident in Queens, New York, after a nursing home administrator allegedly lied to investigators regarding one of the residents of the Bishop Charles Waldo Maclean Episcopal Nursing Home.

One of the residents of the facility, a 73-year-old man suffering from dementia wandered away from the facility at some point during the night of May 26th. As of today, he still has not been found.

Regular readers of this blog know that wandering nursing home residents are not infrequent. What makes this situation truly outrageous is that the Administrator never called 911 to report the man missing. Instead, she falsified nursing home reports to indicate that the man had left the nursing home voluntarily.

The man was only reported missing on May 30.

The first few minutes after a nursing home resident is discovered missing are critical…

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