One thought on “-Calgary Suspicion-

  1. Perhaps one of the biggest problems in (some) nursing homes is when higher ups, managers, administrators, social work directors cover up for the mistakes and cover up for the things that are happening inside of (some) nursing homes.

    We need honest, good social work supervisors and social work directors, and good administrators whose first interest is the health and well-being of patients and the courteous, fair and professional treatment of families and visitors.

    Until we can stop the cover-ups, wherever they are, malpractice will be rampant in some places. Until we can stop the cover-up, we will see nursing homes that have floors that smell of urine during the week when there are less visitors and we will have patients treated only fairly when visitors are present.

    And so, the key to survival of GOOD nursing homes is hearing families and hearing patients’ complaints and concerns regarding their living quarters and regarding the treatment they receive of not receive at (some) nursing homes.

    To the readers: If you are working with good people, and if you are working in a good nursing home, this note is not about you so don’t “defend” the bad nursing homes. When someone defends the bad nursing homes, this is the downfall of nursing homes in our own cities.

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