13 thoughts on “American Medical Civil Rights Act

    • I just got your order. Get some kleenex {sniff} and thank you for jumping into a very controversial subject and it boggles me that it is so unheard of. We can do much better grouped together. I want to encourage that. : }

    • hey clueless thanks for getting involved because this is the terrible truth and I have not even started to talk about selling body parts that is also part of the darkness today. You wonder why so many C-sections are done and at 25,000. Compared to natural which is more like 1,500 and much better for the women and babies, I might add. uuuggg!!!!!!

  1. I don’t think it is not in public knowledge. It is all over on TV now. The entire medical system is all messed up. Most good doctors have left the system already I was told by a doctor. Only the junk ones are still working. And they are not good enough to shine my shoes.

  2. Got your book and wow, I did not realize it was a book of poems! They are wonderful! You bet a few boxes of Kleenexes are needed but wow; you blew me away! You know my mom passed away on the 10th from a clueless doctor who neither read that I had durable power of attorney (in fact the hospital put a piece of paper atop my copy of the durable power of attorney stating that I don;t have one! Go figure that out!) nor did she know that my mom has serotonin on her allergy chart.. duh… she gave a pill to her. Stroke within 20 minutes. Then the hospital lied and said she passed the swallow test but actually what is in the records is that she spit the ice cube out and the drop of honey consistency syrup she had “mild gagging”… and they called that a swallow test passed.. Of course her throat was paralyzed and she did not pass any tests.. They dumped her to another hospital where I was chased every day 3-6 times with the discharge nurse wanting to discharge her because “it looks so bad if she dies in the hospital”… I was nice.. I told her I felt really sad for the hospital. I said good bye to my mom 3 days before she died because of the idiotic medical system. Rest assured… I am a fighter like you are. This will not end here!

  3. Thanks Clueless!
    My book was written the first 18 months after she took her last breath. I could not watch TV, I could not read anymore, all I did was write these poems that would just come to me in an instant. Many times 2 or 3 a day. I was pouring my heart and soul into the poems. It would take 8 years all collected in a box that I pulled them out and decided to write a bit more and then publish. Thanks for your much for the kind words and I love that you are a force to reckoned with. God Bless.

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