Clueless Doctors; an introduction

yes this is very true and I am glad to see it being repeated.

Clueless Doctors fail to keep up with the latest science.

Today’s doctors are so overwhelmed by many variety of illnesses that have similar symptoms that they are starting to forget how to be doctors. Unless they ask a relative or someone who knows the patient, misdiagnosis is highly likely. Today I had a big argument with a doctor who is handling one of my family members. He finally (after 2 weeks) called me back. So the first thing he says that the drug Depakote (generic is Valproic acid) is not an MAOI drug–more of what that drug is in a moment. But here is the NIH article stating that in fact “Valproic acid induces monoamine oxidase A via AKT/forkhead box O1 activation.”

For your information, MAOI drugs are of the worst kinds. They are used for psychosis and schizophrenia among other things but this medication type interacts with many other medications in a way that is deadly without exception and…

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5 thoughts on “Clueless Doctors; an introduction

      • Just started. I am going to join you since you know so much more than I do. I know the medical end of it but not yet the spreading of the word. I am re-blogging your pages and I am about to add one to mine.. my mom just got a stroke after yet one more medical malpractice of the wrong medication–plus a lie on the part of the nurse. Lots to write about and I am willing to go all the way! So count me in!

      • Hey Clueless sounds great if you want to join Victims & Advocates United on google or FB. I would love to hear your story too, and grateful we found each other. The things I have been exposed to I just thought it was impossible to do to certain things, the medical boards are set to protect the doctors only! They are not on the victims side who is panicking by what they find out when it is time to sue, they do not take 250.000 cap limit on an only children, elderly, poor, and disabled people. So glad to have you on board! Looking forward to talking with YOU again.
        xoxo Michelle Massey

  1. Thanks Shelly. I have joined your FB and g+ also. I will share my story on your FB site. I found out that there is a new ballot that will be voted on come this November in California I believe to increase the cap from $250k to over $1 mil, which will change the situation. So we should push for people voting yes on passing that ballot so that people like us can sue. If there is a statutory time limit that you have exceeded because of the laws, that is another thing to go for the increase the limit so victims of the past who tried but could not get a case rolling can do so again. I am with you and will fight as much as possible. If I have to study to pass the BAR to do that, I will…

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