Reforming Tort-Reform

    Jessie Marie Geyer

I have been talking and educating the public, as best I can, about Tort-Reform=MICRA. It has been an uphill battle for me since Nov. 1, 2003. That is the day my daughter Jessie was killed by a doctor named Mark A Slomoff. He is still practicing at John Muir Hospital in the Bay Area. He was saved from losing his job (or worse) because of that ridiculous Law, MICRA. MICRA stands for Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act 1975. It was hidden in insurance legislation. Passed with a BIG LIE about it lowering premiums for doctors so they don’t flee the states. This is horse crap! We have 38 years of data showing how they’ve been the consistent lies uncovered that show this MICRA Act is a horrific nightmare to the public! The insurance industry spends millions and continues to cover up facts like what happened to Jessie – I am proposing we all look at the wrongful deaths, instruments left inside bodies, overdosing with drugs, (lack of) informed consent and all the other patterns of malpractice and negligence. I know things specifically that can improve this unlevel playing field and loss of our constitutional rights. What was started as Jessie’s Law-Frivolous? has now become the American Medical Civil Rights Act, AMCRA. This is about human rights, it’s about Civil Rights,it is about Constitutional Rights of American citizens.