Michigan’s Medical Malpractice Tort Reform “The Juice Isn’t Worth the Squeeze”

Michigan Justice

BY: Norman D. Tucker

Some still proclaim there is a medical malpractice crisis, or too many cases being filed. There is a crisis to be sure, and it’s not too many claims being filed, but too few. Most meritorious claims can no longer be filed. The so-called Michigan “malpractice tort reform” of 1994 gave health care providers de facto economic immunity. The question is: was this an unintended consequence, or clever planning? While some may debate the motivation behind this legislation, no one debates the results. Today, Michigan attorneys decline to pursue the vast majority of meritorious cases. The potential recovery, plus the risk, simply does not justify the substantial investment of time and money. When attorneys cannot economically take and pursue meritorious cases, wrongfully injured Michigan citizens are barred from the courts; their rights have been taken away.

To appreciate the numbers that follow, one must understand how the…

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Clueless Doctors; an introduction

yes this is very true and I am glad to see it being repeated.

Clueless Doctors fail to keep up with the latest science.

Today’s doctors are so overwhelmed by many variety of illnesses that have similar symptoms that they are starting to forget how to be doctors. Unless they ask a relative or someone who knows the patient, misdiagnosis is highly likely. Today I had a big argument with a doctor who is handling one of my family members. He finally (after 2 weeks) called me back. So the first thing he says that the drug Depakote (generic is Valproic acid) is not an MAOI drug–more of what that drug is in a moment. But here is the NIH article stating that in fact “Valproic acid induces monoamine oxidase A via AKT/forkhead box O1 activation.”

For your information, MAOI drugs are of the worst kinds. They are used for psychosis and schizophrenia among other things but this medication type interacts with many other medications in a way that is deadly without exception and…

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Somethings Really Piss Me Off This is one of them !

Thanks for telling it like it is? I appreciate new information.

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Somethings Really Piss Me Off  This is one of them !

One of the things that REALLY pisses me off is seeing a photo of someone giving an injection in the tricep. The arm muscle to give injections into is the deltoid –indicated by the red arrow below. The tricep is just so wrong !
Inline image 1
This should be titled HOW NOT TO GIVE AN INJECTION!


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